PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers

This device is used to transmit motion in a single direction of rotation when the tractor is driving the implement. In the stop phase, the tractor PTO is disengaged while the implement is still moving and the transmission is disconnected.


PTO Shaft for Vertical Feed Mixers

PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers

PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers Models

865 CFT
95 hp
1100 CFT
135 hp
1300 CFT
180 hp
1500 CFT
200 hp

Our research indicates most tractors use 1.750-20 spline, and the input shaft on most models is 1.750-6 spline.
Other combinations are also available.

Main PTO Shaft: CAT 6 Constant Velocity

PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers

Tractor Output Shaft

Complete CV Assembly

Part Number (no implement yoke)

CV 1/2 shaft

Part Number

Implement Half (2500)

Part Number


1.375‘’×6 spline


1.375‘’×21 spline


1.750‘’×20 spline


Parts of PTO Shaft for Vertical Feed Mixers

Part Number Model Diameter Splines Torque

2500 Series Automatic Cutout Clutches

134467 K64/24 1.750 20 3500nm
LAF20250MDAL67 K64 1.750 20 2500nm
135416 K64/24 1.375 6 2700nm
135362 K64/24 1.750 6 2700nm
135986 K64/24 1.750 20 2700nm

2500 Series Shear Bolt Yokes

BTL67214810A KB61 1.375 21
BTL67385610A KB61 1.375 6 2920nm
355272 KB61/2 1.375 6 2920nm
4250104 KB61/2 1.375 6 2920nm
BTL67205610A BTL 1.750  20 2920nm
4250105 KB61/2 1.750  20 2920nm
BTL67345610A KB61 1.750  6 2920nm
338427 KB61/2 1.750  6 2920nm
392340 KB61/2 1.9375 RD 0.50 KEY

What Size is a PTO Shaft?PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers

Whether buying a new implement with a PTO shaft or replacing an old one, most PTO shafts need to be cut to fit the length between the tractor and the implement using it. This is a simple process that we have outlined in the following steps.

  1.  Connect the implement to the tractor’s three-point linkage without connecting the PTO shaft.
  2.  To determine the length of the PTO shaft, it is necessary to measure the distance between the groove on the tractor’s PTO output shaft and the implement’s PTO output shaft.
  3. Once you have measured, we usually recommend taking an additional 75mm from the PTO shaft as a buffer to facilitate connection. If there is no buffer, it may not allow any movement and damage the universal joint on the PTO shaft, the implement, or the tractor.
    PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed MixersTo help explain, we used the following example:
    End-to-end length of new PTO shaft = 1000mm.
    Distance between the tractor output shaft and implement output shaft=800mm
    Additional buffer=75mm
    Therefore, to obtain our measurement results, we need to do the following:
    PTO shaft length – the distance between the tractor and implement+75mm buffer.
    1000mm – 800mm + 75mm = 275mm, which needs to be removed from the PTO shaft.PTO Shaft for PEECON Vertical Feed Mixers
  4. The simplest way to cut the PTO shaft to the proper size is to pull it in half so that there are internal and external parts. It is not necessary to remove the plastic cover. In the above example, we need to remove 275mm from the length, so we need to cut 275mm and 275mm steel pipes on the plastic PTO shaft cover and inner and outer parts, respectively. First, measure the required amount on the plastic to cover and mark it with text, then cut off the excess. Then measure the required amount from the steel pipe and cut it with a hacksaw or angle grinder. Repeat this procedure for the other half of the PTO shaft.
  5. You need to ensure that any burrs on the cut end of the PTO shaft are removed so that the PTO slides correctly. We also recommend applying some grease to both sides of the PTO before reassembly. After reassembling the PTO shaft, you can connect it to the tractor and implement it.
    Note: The above information is for reference only. Diesel Machinery is not responsible for any damage or injury to personnel or equipment when measuring and cutting the PTO shaft.

PTO Shafts and Agricultural Gearbox

The agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft are two components of a tractor that work together to transmit power. The PTO shaft rotates at 540 to 1,000 rpm. The agricultural gearbox and PTO shaft are connected by yokes at both ends. Depending on the application, they may have a higher or lower torque rating. As a professional agricultural machinery parts supplier, we also offer a wide range of agricultural gearboxes for sale. Contact us now to get more info!

PTO Shafts and Agricultural Gearbox