Star PTO Shaft

Star PTO shaft which helps tractor to drive is a metric series of PTO.

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Star PTO Shaft Specification

Drive Shaft Parts & Power Transmission
Kinds of Tractors & Farm Implements
Yoke Type
SB Safety Yoke
Processing Of Yoke
Yellow Spraying
Tube Type
Star Tube
Processing Of Tube
Cold drawn
Spline Type
1 1/8″ Z6;1 3/8″ Z6; 1 3/8″ Z21 ;1 3/4″ Z20; 1 3/4″ Z6; 8-38*32*6 8-42*36*7; 8-48*42*8;
CE, ISO and TS

Details of Star PTO Shaft

Star PTO Shaft Star Shaped PTO Shaft Star PTO Shaft Star PTO Shaft

What is a Star PTO Shaft?

Star PTO shaft is a kind of various PTO shafts. There are many kinds of tubes for PTO shafts. And star-shaped is a metric series of PTO.

The Power Take-Off shaft transfers the tractor’s power to the attachment you’re operating. Without a proper PTO, your tractor cannot drive. Knowing the parts of your PTO driveline will improve your practice with farm machinery and allow you to avoid common problems. Listed below are a few things to know about PTO drivelines. Understanding what they are can help you buy a replacement that works properly for your needs.

First, you’ll need to understand the shape of your driveline. Is it metric or North American? North American PTO drivelines are square, round, or rectangle, and are splined. If your driveline looks like a star, lemon, or other objects, you’re probably looking at a metric or Italian series PTO. If you can see the yokes, it’s a metric driveline, and the shaft is Italian.

Purpose of Star PTO Shaft

Star PTO shafts have many different applications. Some are designed to move an implement while the other is used to drive a tractor. Then, these drivelines are secured in place by a safety shield. Both the primary and secondary shafts are the same shape, except that the front is larger than the secondary and fits inside it. The pieces can collapse, similar to a telescope, during movement.

Star PTO Shaft

Maintenance Tips for Star PTO Shafts

Different applications of star PTO shafts require different maintenance procedures. Abuse-prone environments call for more frequent grease changes. Steep drivelines create heat and degrade lubricant more quickly. The forces produced by thrust are contrary to torque and harder on component parts. Regular inspection of star PTO shafts will ensure that they perform as designed, and you can prevent potential damage by taking care of routine maintenance. These tips can help you ensure your tractors’ safety.

Safety chains for star PTO shaft

The PTO shield is often fitted with a plastic shield to protect the star-shaped PTO shaft from damage. In order to keep this PTO shield in place, you need a safety chain to attach to the star PTO shaft. Once you’ve installed the chain, you can then connect the chain to the star PTO shaft with the help of welded loops. A safety chain should be heavy-duty because a truck normally weighs between 7,000 and 8,000 pounds.

Star PTO shafts are important for many applications. Proper size and horsepower are important when purchasing a tractor or other equipment. Other safety features include a safety shield and chains. Regardless of which type of PTO shaft you have, you must select one that has the right size and horsepower. The star PTO shaft has two parts – the front and the secondary. The front shaft is larger than the secondary one, allowing the secondary shaft to fit inside. In addition to the shield, a star PTO shaft may have internal yokes or universal joints. The latter is designed with a female hole and a “Y”-shaped hole to attach to a U-joint.

Shield for star PTO shaft

One of the most important parts of your tractor is its power take-off (PTO) shaft. This drive shaft transmits mechanical power from your tractor to your implement. Each star PTO shaft is designed with a PTO shaft shield to prevent body parts from catching on the rotating shaft. Unfortunately, many farm equipment lacks this shield, which can lead to accidents. In addition to preventing personal injury, PTO shields also protect the gears and moving parts on your tractor.

Our star PTO shafts are known for high quality. Make sure to check the specifications of your star PTO shaft before buying one. A good quality star PTO shaft shield will prevent excessive wear to the yoke ears and PTO. In addition, lubrication is an essential part of your tractor’s PTO.

Snap ring for star PTO shaft

If you need to replace the snap ring on your star PTO shaft, you should first determine which type of driveline it is. Domestic PTOs use square/rectangle/hex/splined tubing, while metric drivelines use bell-shaped tubing. Both star and bell-shaped designs are common on European and Italian-style drivelines. You can easily determine which one you need by using a snap ring identification chart to locate the correct size.

Tubes for star PTO shaft

When it comes to a tractor’s PTO, the shape of the driveline and tubing is very important. The domestic type of PTO uses square, round, or hex-shaped tubing, while metric drivelines are made from bell-shaped tubing. These are also called star-shaped or trilobed tubes. The star-shaped tubing is most commonly used on tractors, but it can also be found in other types of tractor attachments.

Star PTO Shaft

The power take-off shaft is the best type for mowing, plowing, or shredding equipment. The yoke-to-yoke arrangement is also useful if you have large mowers. They can easily catch on to clothing and snag it. A tractor with a power take-off shaft is best suited for these types of jobs since it allows the machine to operate without sudden stops. As a reliable agricultural machinery supplier, we provide star PTO shafts and agricultural PTO gearbox with the best quality, which get a good reputation. Contact us now to get more!

Star PTO Shaft Use